Goods Delivery


We have a single warehouse for the whole world, centralized in Italy, in Milan.
From Milan we send everywhere with very low shipping costs, thanks to the organization and the large amount of products we manage.
A single single warehouse allows us to reduce costs and also to supply very particular products in a short time.

Delivery Time

On stock items
Most of the items in the catalog are available and are shipped as soon as we have confirmation of payment.

Catalog items, delivery on request
Items not ready in our warehouse are reported during the order and the expected delivery date is specified.

Items not in the catalog
We can get the items not in the catalog quickly, send us your requests.

Carriers used for transportation

The carriers we use are the most appropriate, depending on the destination of the goods.
After we have delivered the goods to the carrier, the customer will receive an e-mail indicating the shipping tracking code, with this code and the website of the shipper it is possible to monitor the position of the goods during transport.