Payments, prices and taxation

Secure Payments

You can pay with the most popular credit cards or with PayPal.
Our payment method is updated with the safest systems existing on the net.
We are not aware of your payment codes; the web session is secret and entirely managed by the bank handling the transaction.

In the event that, for any reason, we are unable to process the requested order, the payment will be fully refunded.
For many years, our very high online reputation continues to be the best guarantee.

International Taxation and Prices

The price lists may differ according to the destination of the goods, due to the laws relating to local taxes and commercial regulations.
Prices are indicated according to the country in which the site is visited.
If the customer requests shipping to a different country, price list and the taxation may vary in the shopping cart.

Countries outside the European Union (outside the EU)
When the goods are destined for a non-EU country, the price list does not include taxes, any taxes will be charged by the customs of the country of import, directly to the customer.

European Union (EU)
Sales with goods destined for an EU country include tax according to the regulations in force.
EU customers in possession of a non-Italian VAT number, for shipments of goods outside the Italian borders, can request the invoice free of tax.

For more information see Sales Conditions, Billing item.